Saturday, August 07, 2010

What a great day….

I said yesterday that cruising this canal is a delight; well today’s trip has only reinforced that view. Despite grey skies and the odd spot of rain, it’s been a really enjoyable four miles.

First though, I had a walk up to the general store for a bit of shopping, taking a roundabout route.

Derelict Riley RM near Field FarmNot restorable, but may yield some good parts?

There’s also what looks like an Issetta bubble car, and an unidentifiable saloon from a lot earlier.

Around the corner a Morris Minor Traveller, stripped of roof and woodwork, slowly disintegrates.
The shop is opposite the entrance to St. Peter’s church

St. Peter’s

Reading yesterday’s post it struck me that I waffled on a bit, so today I’m just going to do a pictorial record of the day.

We left Wootton Wawen at around 11 this morning.

The hire boats were all lined up ready to go. Most of them will be out on the water this afternoon.

Anglo Welsh base at Wootton.

There are three locks at Preston Bagot, all in postcard settings.

Bottom Lock

Middle Lock
And Top Lock
We crossed paths with NB Serenity in these locks. They’ve been out and about, blogging for the last couple of months.

Another three locks follow, the middle one is Bucket Lock, with another of those iron trough aqueducts immediately above.

Yarningdale Aqueduct

The last lock of the day was Lowsonford, with one of the unique barrel-roofed lock cottages alongside.

Lowsonford Lock and cottage.
We pulled in above this lock, almost opposite the Fleur-De-Lys pub.

Locks 8, miles 4

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When you get to Lapworth are you going into Birmingham or down Hatton?.