Thursday, August 19, 2010

Beautiful Countryside.

I woke up this morning not feeling my normal self. A headache and general weariness kept me in bed for an extra hour instead of getting in my morning run. Maybe I’ve been pushing it a bit hard these last few days. I’m determined to get a 10K personal best in Sheffield on September 5th.

A good walk with Meg cleared my head, and I was feeling much better by the time we were ready to move out.
It was a good day for a slightly under the weather steerer, no locks today, just one stop for water on the edge of Yelvertoft village.

First though we passed the new marina at Yelvertoft. As always with these new excavations they look very raw and exposed till the vegetation starts to re-establish itself.

Yelvertoft Marina. Free diesel? Maybe not.

Filling up with water at Yelvertoft.

The boat opposite has been there every time we’ve come this way, implying that it’s not moved for nearly four years. A good clean wouldn’t go amiss.

This is probably the most scenic stretch of the Leicester Line. The canal winds it’s way through the folds in the Northamptonshire countryside on the 412 foot contour. Always shallow and frequently narrow, it appears more like a river than a canal. Only the regular weathered brick accommodation bridges indicate it’s true origins.

Cruising the Leicester Line summit.
Morning, ladies, kids.
A patchwork of pasture and arable fields, interspersed with areas of woodland, accompany the navigation. An occasional farm is the only sign of civilisation, even the bridges carry only tracks or the odd B road.

There is a newer crossing as the A14 heads west to pick up the M1, but this is soon left behind.

Bridge 29a, carrying the A14.All this open countryside, and this guy chooses to moor under a busy road bridge….Ah, he was working on his roof.

As we got nearer Welford there were regular fly-bys of tow aircraft and gliders from the airfield there. They were releasing above the Hemplow Hills just alongside the canal, to get the benefit of the updraft off the slopes.

Glider and tug
We pulled in just before the arm up to Welford.

View from the boat this afternoon..... before the rain started.

There’ve been a few boats about, but it’s by no means busy. The day has been fine, with hazy sunshine and a gentle breeze. There’s rain forecast for this evening, it started around 4 o’clock and is expected to last all night. We’ll have to see what it’s doing tomorrow.

Locks 0, miles 10.

Don’t forget….
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