Sunday, August 29, 2010

Just Idling….

With the weather improving and the rain easing, the river levels have dropped to somewhere approaching normality.

We dropped down Sileby Lock yesterday morning, the weirs were still flowing strongly, but we didn’t need to stop at the Mill, so just gently motored around the corner. Low revs were enough to maintain steering.

Sileby Mill WeirsThe river was still running at maybe 3 mph, so we didn’t get much above idle all trip, just a burst of throttle required to push the stern around some of the tight turns.

We arrived at Mountsorrel Lock as a boat was leaving the moorings above, so shared this one, and were able to leave the gates open for boats coming upstream.

Mountsorrel Lock, The Waterside outside seating unusually empty. I bet that changed later.
A couple of miles saw us arrive at Barrow, and we snuck onto a bit of mooring just next to the large weir.
There are some beautiful gardens running down to the river’s edge from properties on Sileby Road.

Lovely Garden
We got here about noon, and were collected by Dad to go to a BBQ at my sister’s, Kay’s, home in Loughborough.

The celebration was by way of a congratulations and leaving do for my neice and God-daughter Samantha, and Kay’s partner’s daughter, Eden. They’ve both done well with their exam results and are off to University in September. Well done, girls.

Kay with Samantha and son Aiden
Paul and Eden
The weather was kind, only a light shower marred the afternoon, and a good time was had by all.

We’ll be hanging around here for a few days now. Catching up with the family and I’ve got a 10k up in Sheffield on the 5th, so we’ll be getting a car to go up there.

Here’s a it of Bank Holiday madness. Stuck in a sandbank??

Locks 2, miles 2½

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