Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Cupboards topped up and a short cruise.

Tescoman arrived promptly this morning. We got everything stowed, then reversed along the moorings to the water tap to fill the tank.

Cupboards full, time for the water tankIMG_4229

By this time the bright start had deteriorated into grey skies with a bit of light drizzle. The wind had picked up as well.

Luckily we didn’t have far to go today, just basically getting away from the busy main road.

Some unusual boats to be found on the Bridgewater…IMG_4230

We crossed the River Bollin on a long, concrete-lined aqueduct.IMG_4233
This is fairly recent, the original breached in 1971, dumping the canal into the river. It took 2 years and around £250,000 to repair and re-open the channel. On the back of this a trust was formed, membership of which included local County and Borough Councils, and The Manchester Ship Canal Company (the then owners of the Bridgewater).
The Trust still exists, and has an overview of the amenity aspect of the canal. They are responsible for policy decisions which affect the canal.

Just beyond the aqueduct channel the canal crosses a minor road on an “underbridge”, and we pulled in on the other side. There are a few handy rings here.
I’d like to have moored just before the underbridge on the offside, it’s a quiet little mooring, but someone was already there.
There’s room for a couple of boats, but there’s no point in crowding someone who wants isolation.

Locks 0, miles 1

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