Thursday, April 23, 2015

Cruising is easy as we head to Wheelock

An absolute doddle today, fine weather, locks in our favour and not far too go either!

There’s a large population of swans at Middlewich, above King’s Lock, though there doesn’t seem to be as many as there has been in the past.IMG_4372

They’re very used to dogs and people, mainly indifferent but there’s always a stroppy one…

Butter wouldn’t melt, eh?
You wouldn’t think that they regularly kill ducklings and moorhen chicks, and wouldn’t hesitate in attacking their own offspring if they didn’t leave the territory as soon as they’re fledged. It’s all about survival in an area of finite resources. And the ones with the big sticks (of beaks) usually win!

We had a bit of a lie in this morning not leaving till nearly 10.

One length of the moorings has been rebuilt now, leaving another to start on.

One we they did earlier…

…next on the agendaIMG_4376

We hit lucky with all the locks today, boats were coming down in a regular flow, so all of them were empty and ready for us.

Rumps LockIMG_4377

Booth Lane LocksIMG_4381

Buzzard on the hunt near Paddy’s WoodIMG_4385

Mum keeps a very young brood under controlIMG_4389

and a pair waiting for the big event.

The moorings at Wheelock were busier than we expected, but have thinned out as the lunchtime stoppers have moved on.

Meg was due to visit Hair of the Dog this afternoon to get her spring clipping, but unfortunately Lynn is not well. We’ve re-scheduled for tomorrow morning before we go. I don’t think Meg’s too disappointed!

Locks 4, miles 5½. Back to our normal cruising pattern – for one day.

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