Monday, September 07, 2015

The last leg…

After rain overnight and more Thursday morning I expected the river to start to rise a bit, but it doesn’t seem to have been affected at all. Not that I‘m complaining…

Boroughbridge weir and fish ladder

We were intending to push across to the services before we left, to save having to bother as soon as we arrived at the marina, but another boat beat us to it and didn’t seem to be in a great deal of a hurry, so we contented ourselves by just taking the rubbish over on foot.

The appropriately-named garage alongside the bridge sells red diesel on the canal side, currently a reasonable price of 64.9 ppl. IMG_7227

Looking back to the top of the weir

Spells of light rain dogged us all morning, not too much of a nuisance but combined with the breeze made it feel quite cool. Just less than an hour saw us arrive at Westwick Lock.IMG_7230

These three locks, before the navigation moves onto the Ripon Canal, are all very deep, but only ¾ full at normal water levels.
The heavy lower gates have slide-out extensions to give greater leverage.IMG_7234

(click to enlarge)

From Westwick to Oxclose Lock is less than two miles, passing the elegant Newby Hall.

Looking back at Newby Hall
We've attended a few classic car shows here in  the past.

We leave the river at Oxclose Lock, it rises way over near Great Shunner Fell, not far from Sedburgh in Cumbria. But it ceases to be navigable here.IMG_7240

Oxclose Lock, looks like there’s plenty of water in the Ripon Canal.IMG_7241

Coming up the very well-kept lock.IMG_7245 

Ripon Racecourse Marina, our destination and mooring for the next few days, is just below the next lock.

It’s around here somewhere…

…ah, there!

Installed on Pontoon A, centre of picture20150903_170054

George and Margaret were waiting for us as we arrived, and joined us for a fish and chip supper. They stayed overnight on the car park in their motorhome, and came back aboard for breakfast.

Howard arrived mid-morning, he was here to collect Neil and Val and take them back to Ingleton for a few days before they fly back to Canada.

Family Affair…IMG_7254
George, Mags, Val, Neil, Howard and Margaret.

It was very quiet after they’d all left… We would see George and Margaret again on Saturday afternoon.

One of the reasons for coming up here was to attend an old friend’s wedding, at Bishopthorpe on Saturday afternoon. It was a fine day, with a large turnout. A lot of the gentlemen came in highland gear, in consideration of Arthur’s ancestry.

George and two Margarets outside the church20150905_144205

The happy couple, Arthur and Wendy Swaine20150905_161208

We didn’t make it to the reception, Mags was starting to feel a little jaded after a long but enjoyable ceremony, So we rejoined Meg in the car and drove back to Ripon.

Yesterday we had yet another visit, this time from Mags’ grand-daughter and her family, on the way home to Middlesborough. This one was completely unexpected, but all the more pleasant for that.

Mags with Zoe, Terry, and the youngsters Kyle, Natalie and Demi.IMG_7257
They spent the afternoon with us before heading north and home.

We may have a couple of quiet days now…

Locks 2, miles 7½ (Friday)


Sue said...

What a wonderful picture of Mags and the family. She is always talking about them all and now I can see their faces.

That is so lovely.

I really enjoyed the Ripon Canal, thanks for the memories Geoff!

Carol said...

It is so good to meet up with family and friend, especially unexpectedly! Margaret looks very elegant in her wedding finery. Enjoy your few quiet days and good luck with the great north run. xx