Monday, September 14, 2015

Almost ready for the off.

Mag’s visit with the practice nurse went well, no problems, but she has to go back to see the doctor to review the test results, but that’s not till a week on Friday. We intend to be in Selby then, the Enterprise branch is handily just down the road from the moorings at the end of the Selby Canal. A day’s hire will do us.
With that in mind we’ve decided to stay another couple of days here in the marina. A very gentle trip will see us back in Selby (river levels permitting) by the middle of next week.

The car went back to Harrogate’s branch of Enterprise this morning. It was a Renault Captur, a little odd looking but comfortable, quiet and well equipped. And very frugal. We were getting 60mpg…

Now then, that race yesterday. Didn’t the British athletes do well. Mo Farah successfully defending his title earned at the event last year, and Gemma Steele finishing a respectable second to Kenya’s Mary Keitany. David Weir and Shelley Woods took the honours in the men’s and women’s wheelchair races.
On a sad note though, there was a fatality on the course, although no details are available as yet. It is 10 years since the last deaths occurred, but in that event four men collapsed and died in high temperatures.
My run was slow, it started OK but by mile 9 my earlier heel injury reasserted itself and I had to slow considerably, even walking on a couple of occasions. The support from the spectators was fantastic as always, I gratefully accepted slices of orange and an ice-pop as I limped along. I did decline the half of bitter, though…

We had a slow drive back, in fact I abandoned the first attempt to get out of the car park on The Leas, pulling over for 90 minutes before joining the queue again. Then the A1 was congested as well. We were glad to be home at around half-past six.

Thanks for all the good wishes. Sue, I didn’t do this one for charity, I’m sure you remember I ran the Manchester Marathon in March for Macmillan. It’s not fair to ask folk to contribute more than once a year.

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