Thursday, July 10, 2008

A wet day off, and a 2 leg trip to Wrenbury.

Well, what a miserable day yesterday! The only relief from the showers were the spells of drizzle. Although that’s not entirely fair, it wasn’t too bad first thing when I took Meg out for a walk.

We did a circuit around the fields rather than staying on the towpath.

Meg had fun looking for rabbits….

And the calves were very interested in Meg!
The lock flight was very quiet at 8 am. It got quite a lot busier later.

Needless to say, we didn’t go anywhere.

Today dawned fine and bright, but cloud started to build up by mid-morning. We got moving at about 11:00, and moored up again at 12:45. Just 3 locks and 2½ miles. We decided to take advantage of a dry spell and did a bit more work on Corbiere.

Carol Sanding
This is why some of the prep work is taking so long. 13 layers of paint!
While Carol was sanding I gave Mike of Dutchy’s Engineering a call. I spoken to him last week with a view to fitting a security device on the fuel filler. He will be able to fit us in tomorrow afternoon, so, rather than have a pretty long day tomorrow, we “upped sticks” and set off again, just for another 1¼ hours, to Wrenbury.

It’s been another day of sunny spells and showers, but quite warm.

Here's the stuff of narrowboaters nightmares.....
Link courtesy of Andrew Denny's Grannybuttons blog, where there's a bit more info.

Locks 4, miles 5½


Dogsontour by Greygal said...

Hi Geoff

I can thoroughly recommend Mike's security device - got one myself! Not the most elegant solution in all honesty but very effective - I've heard that a lot of the commercially available locking cap style devices are absolutely hopeless, but this will definitely keep the expensive stuff safe. And Mike's lovely!

Am landlocked for a while but hopefully we'll meet again somewhere!



Geoff and Mags said...

Thanks Sarah.
Yes, he is a nice bloke. And the hasp and staple will be "de-emphasised" with a coat of matt black paint.
Look forward to seeing you again some time,
All the best and happy cruising,