Saturday, July 12, 2008

A short trip to Cholmondeston

Why is it that boat speed seems to be in direct proportion to the volume of rain? We spent the early part of the morning being jostled and bounced by boats steaming past with no regard for other traffic, moving or stationary. There was a bit of diversion in watching the brollies being blown about, but even this paled after a while.

The rain stopped by about 10:30, so I cut up the lump of composite wood I’d been carrying on the roof since the Chesterfield Canal. It’ll do a few days on the fire. Then slapped some paint on the hasp and staple over the fuel filler.

Then, as the sun started to make a fitful appearance, we decided to move on, down to Barbridge and on to the Middlewich Branch.

Barbridge, busy as always.
We cruised about a mile up the Branch, and moored a little before Cholmondeston Lock. It’s a good spot here, the high bank and hedge on the left protects us from the northerly wind, but we get the benefit of the sun from the south.

Moored near Cholmondeston Lock.

The day has brightened quite a bit now, broken cloud allowing a bit of blue sky to show.

Locks 0, miles 2

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