Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fine weather for St Swithin’s Day

We’ve had a bit of a break from the rain these last few days, still a little breezy but with some long warm sunny spells.
We stayed near Cholmondeston till today. I took advantage of the weather and cleared and scrubbed the roof. Not an easy job, but I try to do it 2 or 3 times a year…

Carol arrived yesterday, just after noon, so we got a bit more painting done. I made a pigs ear of the hatch cover (again) but the handrails are now finished. She now has to sort out an alternative fixing point for her centre ropes, so pulled in to Venetian Marina just after the lock to get a ring bolt.

Carol at Venetian Marina
We had a pleasant cruise through the beautiful Cheshire countryside, still a bit breezy but warm.
Aqueduct Marina near Church Minshull is coming on apace..

And this Jackdaw was keeping an eye out for lunch.
We pulled over in a quiet spot mid afternoon, between bridges 20 and 21. Carol had picked up a 20mm ring bolt, so we spent a couple of hours taking down part of the ceiling (deckhead!) in Corbiere, and cutting the hole through the roof. After painting the hole and a ring around it, the bolt will be fitted and will be the new attachment point for the centre rope. As a (mainly) solo boater, this rope is almost indispensible.

The weather has been fine today, bright and sunny first thing, clouding up a little later but staying warm and dry. The evening cleared again, showing off a beautiful sunset..
According to the St Swithins legend, the weather for the next 40 days is supposed to be the same as today. We could certainly do worse.

Locks 2, miles 5½

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