Friday, December 30, 2011

What’s in a name….

With the imminent changeover from government control to charitable status, and the change of name from British Waterways to The Canal and River Trust, I’ve been thinking about what shorthand to use.
The new name is a bit of a mouthful, so I think I’ll refer to it as Crust. By extension this makes employees of the new charity Crustys, and us clients will be known as Crustomers.
Out with the old….

…..and in with the new.image

I think I preferred the old one…

It’s been pretty wet these last couple of days, with more on the way it seems. Unfortunately the towpath alongside is now turning a bit muddy. Still, it is winter.

Looking forward to next year, we sent off for a Gold Licence on Wednesday. This will allow us to cruise on the Fens without having to pay for an Environment Agency licence. It does, of course, cost more than the standard one, about £300 more, but the break even point is about 5½ weeks. If we bought a short term EA licence it would cost about the same for 40 days, then we would be paying more than the £300 to stay longer. And it does also give us the opportunity to go down onto the Thames for nowt later in the year.

We had visitors for breakfast today… Mr and Mrs Swan and the kids.

This is Dad, a fine upstanding figure of a …..cob.SAM_0004

And this is Mum and the kids giving our hull a weeding.SAM_0005

I guess the young ‘uns will be leaving home soon.

Locks 0, miles 0

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Anonymous said...

Hi Geoff & Mags,

I was howling laughing when I read about CRUST, so much, it gave me the wind power to write more about the meaning of FART, my own pet name for the CRUST.

Sorry haven't been able to reply sooner, marina Wi-Fi was down!

So todays blog post (which I was in stitches writing) is with ref to publishing the FART brown paper details, (transparency) & was actually written on Monday. I'll shut up cos I'm losing track now lol
HNY to you both,