Thursday, January 11, 2007

Well, we’re finally here on the Ashby Canal. We didn’t get away from our mooring the other side of Hawkesbury till gone 11. I had a 6 mile run, and then we waited for the rain to ease and (hopefully) the wind to drop a little.
The rain did, but the wind didn’t. but we had to move on as we had a full loo, rubbish to get rid of and a water tank to fill.
So we set off, sometimes straight, sometimes sideways, and wove our way down to the service point, the lock and the 180° turn onto the Coventry canal. It was the last I was concerned about in the wind, but as it turned out, I executed it with precision. Where are all the gongoozlers when you want them? I suspect the horizontal rain may have kept them indoors.

Anyway, shortly afterwards the rain stopped and the sun came out, and with the wind from the stern, I dried out, Meg lay out on the deck, and we made good time up to Marston Junction and the Ashby.

Near Charity Wharf

Entrance to the Ashby Canal

Turning right, eastish, left the wind on our stern quarter making holding a straight course difficult again, so we sidled into a suitably sized slot between 2 boats moored at bridge 5. Had a little help from Peter on NB JAYAR to get in.

Peter and Maggie have been living aboard for 5 years, and are staying around this area for the winter.

The towpath is very muddy, so this evening Meg and I diverted onto the adjacent fields. Big mistake, Meg returned blathered in clay coloured mud from top to tail. The easiest solution was to pop her in the shower, which she accepted with equanimity. So we now have a nice clean fresh smelling pup, at least until tomorrow.

Locks 1, miles 4½.

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