Sunday, January 21, 2007

We stayed on the mooring near Congerstone until today, then moved the last 5 miles up to the (current) end of the canal at Snarestone.

A bright, dry day, but the wind seems a lot colder. We’re due for a cold spell.

Up through Shackerstone – lots of boats moored on the offside – and past the station on the Battlefield Line. Shame there is no trains running at this time of year; I’d like to have had a shot of a steam engine alongside the canal.

Shackerstone Station

Through Snarestone tunnel, and came across a tree floating in the canal at bridge 60. Managed to push it into the bank and squeezed past. Another casualty of Thursday’s storm.
I went back after we’d moored and managed to get it a little closer to the bank, but it was too heavy for me to lift out on my own. A job for BW, methinks.

Tree manoeuvring

Linda from the Ashby Canal Association has kindly lent me a key for the gate to their car park, so Dad has somewhere close to leave the car when they visit tomorrow.

Locks none, miles 5

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