Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Had a steady weekend at Braunston, pottering about and good walks with Meg. I resisted the urge to visit either of the chandlers in the town. Quite pleased with myself, really. We intended to move off on Saturday, but the weather was pretty awful, so pushed the limit on our 48 hour mooring till Sunday. There was plenty of space, anyway.

Set off at 11:00, around the corner at Braunston Turn and topped up with water etc. Then a gentle run through the occasional light shower took us to Hilmorton, where we stopped above the top lock. Couldn’t get a satellite signal, and the TV reception was poor from the aerial.

Braunston from the North Oxford.

A pleasantly rural stretch of canal, with evidence of a long history of cultivation.

Ridge and Furrow cultivation near Bridge 87.

Decided I need to get back in shape, so had a gentle 6 mile run into Rugby and back. The 1½ miles of towpath nearest to Hilmorton were extremely muddy, the rest OK. I’ll see how I go with the training, and probably enter the Liverpool ½ marathon in March.

Locks 3, Miles 6

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