Sunday, January 28, 2007

Moved from the battlefield moorings on Friday, down to Trinity Marina. Stopped at Ashby Boats at Stoke Golding on the way down, and ordered a spare cassette for the loo, and a sheet of oak faced MDF to make some more cupboards for the kitchen. Any surplus will go towards some shelves in the bedroom.
We’ll have to go back on Friday to collect.

The ice was a lot thinner today, very little south of Stoke Golding. The weather is a lot milder, and set to stay this way for a while.

We stayed at Trinity till today, taking advantage of the laundry to get the bedding done, and then catch up with the rest of the washing.

Trinity Marina

Had an 8 mile run this morning, and a small shop at the local Londis, before leaving at about noon. Down the remainder of the Ashby, with a pause at Burton Hastings to remove a load of plastic from the prop, and turned left on to the Coventry.

Off the Prop – Meg taking revenge

Pylons on the Ashby

A gust of wind took the Treadmaster mat off the counter, and I could only watch helplessly as it sunk below the surface. You’d think they’d make it bouyant as it is sold for boats. I had a grope about with the boathook, but to no avail.

Stopped just short of Hawkesbury at about 15:15.

Locks none, miles 9.

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