Thursday, January 04, 2007

We’d arranged to meet up with Pat and Peter on NB Molly May II and share the 6 Braunston locks. They were behind us in the queue at Watford yesterday. So after a long walk with Meg, we set off behind them at about 11:10.

10 minutes to Norton Junction, and the right turn onto the Grand Union Main Line, heading towards Birmingham. We had an easy passage through Braunston Tunnel, no traffic coming the other way today. The last time we came through in September we had a collision with one of the 8 boats coming in the opposite direction. (see 15th September)

MMII entering the tunnel.

Although most of the locks were against us, we still passed through them fairly quickly, and were moored up in Braunston by 14:00.

We’ll probably stop here until Sunday, giving me a chance to have a couple of trips to the shops to top up the larder. Unfortunately, the chippie is shut until the middle of January, so we won’t be able to sample their excellent F & C.

The Braunston locks are due to be closed in the middle of January for a gate replacement on lock 5, these at Norton Junction are probably the new ones.

Miles 4½
Locks 6

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