Friday, January 12, 2007

After our morning walk, Meg was almost as dirty as last night, but I got away with just washing her lower bits off. I went off to get some bread and milk, and then we untied and set off at about 12:00.

Picked up 6 bags of solid fuel from NB GHOSTY, and kicked myself for not topping up with diesel at 48p/lt.

BW was out, cutting back the reeds on the edge of the navigation. Very laudable, but the tractor was tearing up the already poor towpath surface. Maybe it could have waited till later in the year…?

Reed cutting.

Big fields, big skies.

The wind was not as strong as yesterday and gave us little trouble on the way up to Hinckley. We need to stop here to visit B&Q for some drawer runners at some point, but there was no room on the nearest moorings, so we pushed on to bridge 22 and moored. We’ll stop here for the weekend.

Locks none, miles 6½.

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Ade said...

Hi Geoff & Maggs,
What drew me to comment was the diesel price of 48p! Pretty well doubled in places in 7 years.
After following your travels with Sue & Vic I decided to read your blog from the start. Enjoying so far a good read.