Monday, January 29, 2007

A good day today. On the way back from my early run, saw Ian on NB GOSTY HILL loading fuel at the wharf at Hawkesbury. Arranged to take 6 bags of smokeless from him later.

Had a walk with Meg, and she gained a fan club of a large brown labrador, and a staffs bull terrier. When we went back on board, they sat on the towpath waiting to see her again.

Fan Club

To their disappointment, we shoved off down to Coventry. We winded at bridge 7 and did a good shop at Tesco.
Then stopped at the services at Hawkesbury for water etc. So our stores are well replenished.

Back up past the junction, and moored up for the night beyond the 7 day moorings.

The “Greenway”, as the 5½ miles of canal from Hawkesbury to Coventry Basin is known, is a linear park, looked after by the local authority. It has canal artworks along its length, and probably the highest concentration of dog waste bins per mile in the country! They work though. Considering the number of dogs walked on the towpath, there is very little poo.

Canal Art

Locks none, miles 5.

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