Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A late start today after a shopping trip up to Crick Co-op. The day started with showers, so the delay allowed the weather to clear. The westerly wind is still with us, though.

Just 5 minutes took us to Crick tunnel, 1528 yards of being dripped on!
I don’t remember it being quite this wet last time. Must be the time of year.

Crick Tunnel north end.

Another 1½ miles and we arrived at Watford locks. Emptied the loo and got rid of the rubbish, but couldn’t top up the water tank as the taps had been turned off due to a leak. Planned to top up at the bottom of the flight instead.

I had a walk down the flight to see if anyone was coming up and met Brian and Barbara on NB Sam Gamgee coming up through lock 1. So we came down lock 7 and prepared to wait for them to clear the flight. I should explain, coming up, locks 1 & 2 are individual locks, as is 7. 3 to 6 form a staircase, that is one chamber runs directly into the next. So boats can pass in opposite directions between 2 and 3, and between 6 and 7. But not in the staircase.

Anyway, when we were secured above 6 I walked down to help them lock up, and found they were unable to close one of the bottom gates on lock 2. A call to BW sent George out, who fished someone’s bow fender from off the cill. He then helped the crews up the flight to clear the queue of 2 boats in each direction. Thanks, George, for the quick response. I wonder who lost the fender? They must have known. We’ll keep an eye out for a naked bow for a couple of days.

Watford Locks

Seyella in Lock 2

Topped off the water when we cleared Lock 1 and finished the day moored between bridges 3 and 2 at about 16:00. ½ mile will take us to the Grand Union Main Line and a right turn to Braunston.

Locks 7, miles 4½.

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