Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Away from Hilmorton at 11:15. We were ready to go, then 2 boats came along to go down the locks, so we waited for them to get through.

Hilmorton Locks
35 minutes to the bottom of the flight of 3, then a further 55 minutes to Bridge 58 in Rugby. Only just managed to get moored, a popular spot adjacent to a Tesco store.

Did a shop and had a quick lunch, then on the way again at 14:30. It had been damp in the morning, but cleared up before we left.

Pulled over for the night just past bridge 38. A bit exposed to the fresh wind, but the luxury of a dry towpath, and good TV reception (to watch the 2nd half of Waking The Dead) makes up for the boat rocking a bit. Tied up by 15:45.

Windy mooring

Locks 3, miles 6.

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