Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Had a good afternoon on Monday with the visit from Dad and Ann. A chance to catch up on the news, and get the mail from the last 5 weeks. It took a couple of hours to sort out! I’d ordered some bits from Maplins to wire in the remote control for the inverter, and was looking forward to fitting it. Unfortunately, we only received the plugs, and not the wire to go in between! They’re chasing the delivery with the Post Office.

The weather has turned a lot colder, with hard frosts at night. We’ve had a thin skin of ice on the canal these last 2 mornings. Snow showers as well last night. Meg was a little confused at the change to the path this morning, having never seen snow before. But she soon got into it, chasing about as usual. She is designed for this sort of weather.

Snow and Ice at Snarestone

Meg introducing herself to snow

Carol from NB CORBIERRE, who we last saw at Market Harborough, was intending to join us here on the Ashby. But she has managed to get booked in to Jannel in Burton for bottom painting (the boat’s, not hers!), so she’s passed Marston Junction on the way up to the T&M.
We’ll probably meet up again later in the year.

We’ve enjoyed being here, talking to the “neighbours”, Meg playing with Jack the whippet from NB HYPERION, but we’ll be moving on tomorrow. Not sure which way yet, but north up the Coventry canal for a start, we think.

The melting snow and rain this afternoon have made the paths mushy again, but the forecast 4 or 5 degrees of frost should stiffen the mud up.

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