Friday, January 19, 2007

We finally moved off from Sutton Wharf today. We should have moved on Wednesday afternoon, but that was when the service engineer was available for the engine. And then yesterday was a day of gales, some gusting up to 60 mph. Not narrowboat weather! The ducks enjoyed the surfing, though!

Anyway, I had the opportunity to have a good look around the battlefield area, and learn a bit more about the actual battle. Interestingly, Richard was betrayed on the field, which led to his death. If Stanley had stayed on his side, he should have carried the day. Then the Tudors would not have been the sovereigns for the next 118 years, Elizabeth I would not have recognised the need for supreme sea power and developed a modern navy….. I wonder where we would have been after 2 world wars last century without that navy?

King Richards Well, near to where he is reputed to have fallen.

The engine service was fine, no faults to report. But the storm on Thursday did some damage in Ambion Wood, fetching several trees down.

Fallen trees

Our TV aerial finished up in the canal (again), so I moved it to inside the cratch cover, with little loss of reception.

Today dawned bright and dry, still with a legacy of yesterday’s winds, but a lot calmer. Emptied the loo and rubbish, filled with water and set off further up the canal. No definite goal for today, we decided to see how we went.

Change from yesterday…

The canal and surrounding area is looking really rather good for the time of year, as if the rain and wind has washed and blow-dried the land! A really enjoyable cruise today, with water voles peering at us from the banks, pheasant whirring up out of the hedges, and a warm sun on the aft deck.

We stopped at Market Bosworth wharf, at bridge 42, for lunch. Surprised to see no boats on the visitor moorings. Then pressed on a bit further, and pulled in to a likely looking spot between bridges 46 and 47. The towpath is fairly dry, and we can get digital TV reception. Since I repaired a damaged connection in the aerial, we have had good analogue reception, but the difference in picture quality is worth having. Anyway, having spent about £150 on the dish and cabling, I want to get my money’s worth!

We’ll stay here tomorrow, and move to Snarestone on Sunday. We want to be moored at the terminus on Monday, as Dad and Ann are coming across to see us.

Locks none, miles 5.

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