Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Today dawned fine and dry, but with a brisk westerly wind. Untied and off at about 10:45.
This is a very quiet section of the canal, not just in terms of traffic, but bankside as well. The navigation winds through arable land, avoiding the local villages. Still very attractive even at this time of year, with the leafless trees etched sharply against a grey sky.

Grey Skies

We were chased by the rain all day, occasionally being caught by a few spots, but never amounting to anything.

This rainbow arches over the village of South Kilworth.

We had intended to moor at Crack’s Hill, but the water was too shallow to get close enough to the bank.

Cracks Hill and Shetland ponies.

So we continued on to Crick, past a couple of hundred yards of empty designated winter moorings on Crick Wharf. Finally stopped just before Crick Tunnel, at about 15:15.

Locks None, Miles 10.


Maureen Davies said...

Nice photos

Maureen Davies said...

Sorry Pressed the enter by mistake
Nice photos and good of you with Meg
Well our boat is called
MADASA-SOLES This is what our friends said we were MAD AS ASOLES when we retired and bought a narrowboat 4 years ago. so we thought what a good name.
Will give you a call and wave when we see you on the cut
Maureen Davies