Monday, January 15, 2007

Not a bad weekend, weatherwise. Heavy rain on Saturday night undid all the good work the dry wind did during the day. Had a couple of good road runs, and took Meg for several long walks. Still very mild for January. Meg snagged her left front dew claw while playing with another dog, it bled a little for a start, but soon dried up. I put a bandage on it to keep the mud out while out walking.

Feeling hangdog.

Moved off heading north at about 11:00, not planning to go so far, but needing diesel, gas and water, and to empty the loo. We stopped at Ashby Boats for the fuel, and asked about a service for the engine. Although they do their own servicing on the hire fleet, they are not approved Isuzu agents, so they recommended a visit to Ashby Marina, just up the navigation. From here I got a phone number of a mobile engineer who will do the service for us. Just waiting to hear from him regarding when and where.

We carried on up to Sutton Wharf, which is the next BW sanitary station, in a freshening cold wind. Did the necessary, and were able to get on the end of the plastic pontoon just up from the wharf. We can get off without stepping into mud! It seems such a small thing, but makes a huge difference if you’ve a lively, extremely hairy dog who needs to get off half a dozen times a day!

Trip boats and cafe at Sutton Wharf.

Plastic Pontoon

We’ll stay for a couple of days, and I want to have a good mooch around the Bosworth Field battlefield site. This is were the War of the Roses effectively ended, with the death of Richard III, and the coronation of Henry Tudor (Henry VII).
We passed Crown Hill earlier today, which is reputedly where the coronation took place.

Crown Hill. The farm probably wasn’t there in 1485!

Locks, none, miles 3½.

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