Monday, May 02, 2022

Quieter than expected...

We set off from near Weston on Saturday morning fully expecting to have to contend with queues at the locks. But we were pleasantly disappointed.

Weston Hall, in a fine spot looking out over the valley.

Moorhen chicks in a private pool...

Weston Wharf, used to be a loading dock for a local salt brine works.

First of the day, Weston Lock.

Hoo Mill Lock was next, and I was able to leave the bottom gates open here for a boat heading up.

I made a brief stop at Great Haywood Wharf to drop off a bag of rubbish, Then we toddled off down to Haywood Lock.

The moorings in the village were busy, but they usually are. Lots of gongoozlers hanging about as well.

We arrived at Colwich Lock just as a boat was leaving and another was waiting to come up so that was quick and easy.

Wolseley Bridge was built in the late 18c and is now a Grade II listed building.

It's three low stone spans cross the Trent, carrying the A51 Rugeley Road. 

We called it a day on the moorings near to the Trent Aqueduct at Brindley Bank.

We needed some shopping so cruised into Rugeley yesterday loaded up from Tesco then turned around and headed back to moor in the same place but facing the other way.

I've taken a few new chick photos recently, but this one certainly wins the cuteness competition...

She was still incubating the rest of the eggs but they'd all hatched by this morning.

The weather has turned a bit. Saturday was the last warm, sunny day, now it's grey and cool. it was also a bit damp yesterday afternoon and evening, but it's been dry since. Lunchtime today saw us move the mile back to moor opposite Taft Wharf, AKA the pig farm (although the pigs have now gone). Dave Freeman, who builds boats here, is going to do our Boat Safety examination tomorrow. Should all be ok.

Locks 4, miles 12 

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