Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A short trip to Dimmingsdale

We only planned to get to Dimmingsdale Lock today. The mooring on the offside above the lock is quiet, we spent 3 days there during that snowy weekend early in the month.

So it was late start, after waiting for some drizzly rain to blow through. I had to chop up a load of wood and reorganise the roof, so we had room for half a dozen bags of smokeless we intended to collect on the way.

Awbridge Lock was the first of the 3 today. Full, after NB Phoenix with Victor and Nancy aboard, had gone up.

A fair few hobnailed boots must have crossed the cast iron tail bridge to wear away the grip rails.
Just around the corner is the home mooring of NB Roach, the coal boat where we stopped for the fuel.
We pulled alongside and transferred 6 bags of Taybrite onto our roof, at £9:30 quite a bit cheaper than at Turners at Wheaton Aston.
We weren't sure he'd be there, he passed us on the way down to Stourport some days ago. He must have snuck back up without us noticing...
John and his wife Jenny cover a fair bit of the midlands, and north and west network. If you're looking for fuel, check out the website.

John Jackson and NB Roach
Mags had to battle against a fierce bywash at the tail of Ebstree Lock, but made it in without touching the sides.
The foam stirred up by the gate paddles makes it look like wash day!
Another 15 minutes and we were in Dimmingsdale Lock, above which we pulled over for the night.

Locks 3, miles 1½

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