Monday, February 02, 2009

More wood, then the landscape turns white!

Well, we were going to move on today, but a look out of the window made us change our minds.
It sounds like we were in sympathy with the rest of England. The news suggested that 20% of workers failed to show today, costing the country an estimated £1.5 bn! God knows what’ll happen if it really snowed!
Snowy Outlook

Anyway, after spending last Thursday night moored near Pool Hall, I took Meg out for a walk and came across the team of contractors who are thinning out the trees along the banks of the canal. They told me I could take whatever I wanted from the pile on the offside, so, after they’d knocked off for the day, we tied up alongside their flat, and loaded the roof up again.
It was too late to go far, so we just motored down to Dimmingsdale Lock, and moored on the 5 day mooring on the offside just above the lock.

Moored out of the way, with some more wood to cut.
We spent the weekend here, as I’ve said, intending to move on today. There’s a dismantled railway line running parallel to the canal, giving lots of opportunities for varying walks. It was pretty busy yesterday, dog walkers, cyclists, runners and horse riders all taking advantage of a fine day.

But today is different again, after a couple of inches of the white stuff fell overnight, with more throughout the day.

Dimmingsdale Lock.
Meg enjoys herself in these conditions, she seems to be immune to the cold. She's waiting for me to throw a snowball.
Her only problem is she collects balls of snow on the long hair on the back of her legs and her paws!

The South Staffordshire Railway Walk was unsurprisingly quiet this afternoon.

There’s more snow due tonight, so we’ll see what the situation is in the morning before making a decision.
Buried In Snow
The lock sides are pretty slippery, so there’ll be no jumping across the gap at the top gates if we move. Slow and steady is the name of the game.

Since last Thursday, locks 0, miles ¾


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Ahh. What a superior surname.

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Hi Kev
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