Thursday, February 19, 2009

Back onto the Shroppie

I thought we were in for a wet day today. It was raining at 10 past 7 when I got up, but had stopped by half past. The sky started to clear, and there were warm sunny spells by the time we got underway at 10:30.

Near Pool Hall
Heron enjoying the sunshineA boater with a valid point to make, and the courage to make it!

We had a steady cruise up the remainder of the Staffs and Worcs to Autherley. All the locks were against us, as we were following a couple on NB Inglewood, heading back to Norbury. But it was no problem, the locks fill and empty quite quickly and we were in no hurry.

Waiting for Wightwick Lock, with mock-Tudor des-reses in the background.

Wightwick Mill Lock – Free boat wash!

We were disappointed to have missed Kev on NB 4Evermore at Compton. He was there yesterday, having some work done on a cover, but left for Coven Heath first thing this morning. He left a comment on yesterday’s post saying to look out for him.

At Oxley Marine there’s an unusual narrow narrowboat. All of about 18 feet long as well!

NB Sarni. She's even got a scaled down bow fender!
We turned onto the Shropshire Union at Autherley Junction, through the stop lock and past Napton Narrowboats hire base. A lot of boats laid up for the off-season here.

A short distance up the canal is the Wolverhampton Boat Club. This is where we spotted the Security Goose near the end of January, and Sue on No Problem spied him in the same spot a couple of weeks ago.
And, you’ve guessed it… He was on duty again today. Certainly conscientious. Though I’ve a sneaking suspicion that we woke him up this time…

Yes… Can I help you?….

We moored where we’ve stopped before, between Bridges 7 and 8, about 3 miles from the junction. Last time we were the only boat here for 2 days. Today we’re merely a quarter of the population.
While I was out with Meg this morning we walked past John Jackson’s boat on it’s mooring. It was being loaded with coal for a trip up to the River Weaver. I expected them to be passing us at some point today, and was not disappointed.

NB Roach
Working boats always look great when they’re loaded as they should be. Trouble is, on a lot of canals these days “the bottom is too near the top”, and a boat with more than 3 feet draught can be a handful!

Locks 4, miles 8


Kev said...

Hi Geoff & Maggs,
Sorry to have missed you both at Compton, got away early and headed for Penkridge so that we could be at Great Haywood for Friday. Hope to see you both on the cut in the future. All the best
Kev & Ann (nb4evermoore)

Geoff and Mags said...

Hi Kev and Ann
You must have been away early! I had a run first thing to Compton Lock and back, and still missed you. Better luck next time, eh.
Keep well.