Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

I hope you all got lots of cards, and not just those you sent to yourself…..

We decided to move on a bit today. Wolverley is a nice spot, but gets a bit busy at the weekend.

Got another 5 logs cut into rings before the chainsaw teeth lost their edge again. Without the correct files and guide, it was a bit of a lucky dip trying to get the profile right. So I sat down this morning afterwards and ordered a new chain and sharpening file set off the internet.

We got off at around 1 o’clock, up through Wolverley Lock past the Lock Inn.

A little further on we passed the mooring of NB Rome.

On the way up I saw this boat, and something was nagging me about it afterwards. I finally remembered why I recognised the name.
Way back in the ‘70s Waterways World did a blow by blow feature on fitting out a narrowboat, over 10 issues of the magazine. The subject of this article was NB Knottingley, and I bought the feature as a bound softback at the time.
More recently, when we were considering our change of lifestyle, I picked up the 3rd edition of The Narrowboat Builders Book. This was published some 20 years later, and is rather more professionally produced. The subject this time was NB Rome. Still looking good after 10 years.

1st and 3rd editions of NBBB

Through Debdale Lock and on to Cookley Tunnel.

Back around the ivy clad Awcliffe
Better shots of Cookley Tunnel than on the way down.
A mile or so on we crossed the county boundary, from Worcestershire to Staffordshire. We’ll be in this county for some time, now.

County Boundary
We moored up about a mile further on, just below Whittington Lock.
It’s been a dull, grey day. No rain though.

Black Country Faggots, mashed spud and carrots for tea. Yummy.

Locks 2, miles 4


dundustin said...

Geof & Mags...nice blog. Love reading your days events.

It will be 6 years when I have my own canal boat and I am already planning it.

Anonymous said...

Worra great tae!!! Faggots n paes doe need carrots!! I had mate a n terta pie....
bridge 77 pete.....

Geoff and Mags said...

Hiya Pete
It certainly was a great tae!
Looking forward to the Shropshire Sizzlers on Monday....