Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Woke up this morning to a dry but breezy day. Odd glimpses of the sun lit up the green fields dotted with sheep. No lambs to be seen yet, though.

Got away just after 10:30, and 2 miles took us to Napton Junction, where we turned right heading for Warwick.
We passed the village of Lower Shuckburgh with its unusual Victorian church.

Lower Shuckburgh Church.
Corbiere going round a bend near the junction.
Opposite the junction sits Wigrams Turn Marina, one of 3 within a mile of each other. The other 2 are Calcutt and Ventnor Farm. It must be interesting around here on Bank Holidays!

Around ¾ mile from the junction we arrived at Calcutt Top Lock, the first of the Grand Union broad locks. We’ll see another 39 in the next 21 miles. Being broad though means we can get both boats in at once.

Calcutt Middle Lock
We pulled in to Calcutt Boats for a gas bottle (£20.17 after last week’s price rise) after the first lock while Carol set the next 2, then, the first 3 done we had another 2 miles or so to the top of Stockton Locks, where we stopped for the day. The 8 locks are in a flight, followed by 2 more widely spaced to Long Itchington. But that’s for first thing tomorrow……

Stockton Top LockIt’s been a pleasant day’s cruising today.

Locks 3, miles 5.

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Adam said...

Hello -- you're now in an area we know very well. I always think the Stockton flight goes by pretty quickly, in spite of the heavy gates and paddles that need more than 20 turns. Look out for one of my favourite moorings, just through Splash Bridge (29), at the foot of the Bascote Locks.