Wednesday, January 09, 2008

What a wet and windy night! We were sheltered from the worst by the thick hedge along the towpath, but even so the rain pelted the side of the boat and woke Mags up a couple of times. Me, I slept peacefully through it all.

This morning the sky had cleared and the wind had dropped to a breeze, so, after the Tesco van had been and gone and the groceries were stowed away, we got on our way.

A couple of light showers, 4 miles and a stop at Bosworth Wharf for water and we were tied up at the Bosworth Field Battlefield moorings near Shenton.
I think we’ll stay here a couple of days.

Over Shenton Aqueduct
Back on the Battlefield Moorings
We could see Richard III’s pennant flying on Ambion Hill as we approached Bosworth Field.
Locks 0, miles 4

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