Friday, January 04, 2008

We stayed on the Battlefield Moorings yesterday. Meg improved through the day, although she still wasn’t up to eating anything.

They don’t make them like they used to….Disused riveted iron railway bridge over the canal near Shenston Station on the Battlefield Line.
We didn’t get off till 11:45 today, the intention being to cover the last 8¼ miles to the current end of the canal. The day was cold and murky, but the wind has dropped making it feel a little milder.

We met NB GOSTY HILL just after 1 o’clock, heading back towards Sutton Cheney. So we flagged them down, manoeuvred alongside and filled up with diesel (at 59p/Lt) and solid fuel.
By this time Carol had also arrived behind us, and we filled the navigation with all 3 boats breasted up. A good job it’s pretty quiet at this time of year!

Fuelling up. We’ve got ours (the heap of bags on the roof), and Carol is filling CORBIERE.
The weather turned soon after, wet weather blowing in on the breeze. Carol had to stop to restack her solid fuel so she could see ahead, then called it a day at Shackerstone. We made it a little further to near Bridge 56 before stopping.

A Kingfisher was keeping pace with us for a while; I finally succeeded in getting a picture of it! OK, so it’s not David Bailey standard, but it’s the best of 12 that I took!

Kingfisher near bridge 55

Meg’s had a bit of tea tonight so she must be feeling better.

Locks 0 miles 7

2 comments: said...

you should be so proud.the picture of kingfisher is great. We been trying to get a good shot for 5 years lol. Best one is of a blue blob about 1mm wide! lol

Geoff & Mags - said...

Keep trying. It's just a matter of getting the little b******s to stay still!
Seriously, my new camera, with decent optical zoom, should have more credit than me. Next time I'll use a higher resolution so I can blow it up without so much loss of detail.