Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Here’s hoping you all had a good night last night, and wishing you all the best for the future. The year started well – did you see those fireworks in London? What a display!
We had a quiet night on the boat, a couple of drinks and a bit of TV.

So we’ll have to see what 2008 brings us, now. I think economically it will be a little more strained than last year, inflation likely to rise along with interest rates and commodity prices.
And Messrs Brown and Cameron will have to get their respective fingers out, on the one hand to demonstrate effective and decisive government and on the other to create a credible opposition.
On a personal note, I know our finances will be squeezed, with BW announcing a 12% increase in licence fees (possibly 33% over the next 3 years), and the loss of low tax rated red diesel later in the year.
Ah well, we’ll have to see how we go.

We’re moving on tomorrow, probably up to Bosworth Field. It’s been surprisingly busy on the water today, I reckon 20+ boats in both directions. The last one was NB GHOSTY HILL, a coal boat we’ve bought from before. He was heading UP the Ashby, so we’re bound to bump into him in the next few days, and we can top up our bunkers.

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