Monday, January 28, 2008

We had a pleasant weekend, took advantage of yesterday’s almost springlike weather to get all the rugs out of the cabin, give them a good cleaning and do the floors right through the boat.

Quite a few boats about, including this ex BW workboat “BARROW”
I misjudged our water supply, and we ran short last night but managed to scrape through till today. After getting off at 10:15, we arrived at the sanitary station at Braunston Turn at just after 12:00. Filled with water and got rid of the rubbish, but the elsan disposal was out of action so we had to motor into Braunston proper to the facility near Braunston Marina.

Braunston Church
Braunston Marina

We turned in the marina entrance, and set off back to Braunston Turn in Carol’s wake. She’d spent the weekend here in the village with friends from Derby.

A left turn at the junction took us on to the Grand Union (originally part of the Oxford), and unfamiliar waters.

Braunston Turn
There’s quite a few boats along the first mile or so, some in various stages of decreptitude.

I’ve not awarded a Seen Better Days Award for a while, and had considered this bridge, No. 80. (No reason why I can’t include structures, is there?).

Bridge 80 North Oxford Canal

That was until we left Braunston and spotted these two…..

The first one has burned out down to the waterline, including the bankside bits and pieces, and the second is sitting on the mud.
I think a joint award is in order. It’s always a shame though to see boats with a proud heritage in this condition.

We ended the day moored in a lovely spot between bridges 102 and 103.

Locks 0, miles 7½

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