Saturday, January 05, 2008

We just moved the couple of miles to the terminus today. A very gentle 1½ hours in fine sunny weather, although there was a cool breeze.

Approaching Shackerstone Tunnel
I had the opportunity to try some different settings on my camera in the tunnel, with varying success.

Looking back from midway through

Looking forward.

Another ¼ mile to the current terminus, where we used the facilities, winded the boat and moored for about 12:30.

Moored at the end
I had a 2 mile walk with Meg to Measham, initially following the course of the canal, now filled in. But plans are well advanced to re-open this section, with a slight detour, through to the town.

Start digging?
Locks 0, miles 2


BigJohn said...


Just found your blog today, and have added it to our list of blogs.

Ours is at - and today is our day, if you get my drift.

Geoff & Mags - said...

Hi John and Fiona
Just had a look at your blog and website, will put a link on my blog. We're heading in (roughly) your direction shortly, though we may not get onto the K&A this year.
We'll keep an eye on your blog and look out for you if you're anywhere near us.
All the best,