Tuesday, January 08, 2008

We had a fine weekend, cold but dry. We intended to move out yesterday, but the weather was very windy and it’s not easy cruising when you’re going sideways most of the time. A 50’ x 4’ cabin side makes an effective sail!

So instead I spent a couple of hours with my head in the engine bay, batteries to check, gearbox and engine fluid levels, stern gland to adjust a little and the bilge to clean out. It looks a lot better down there now.

Clean Engine
Carol arrived after lunch, having spent a couple of nights in Shackerstone.

Today we decided to set off back down the canal, to moor somewhere easy for the Tesco man to make a delivery to us. We decided on bridge 57, near Congerstone. But first we had to do something about the water dribbling into Corbiere around the prop shaft. So out came the spanners and another stern gland got adjusted.
We moved off in convoy at just after 13:00, and had a blustery couple of hours, with rain moving in just as we stopped for the day.

Took another couple of pics in Snarestone tunnel……

And tried to get a better shot of the kingfisher, but he was more shy today so we didn’t even get close.

Spent 1½ hours with a very slow internet connection doing the shopping, adding Carol’s groceries to ours. We’ll move on after the delivery tomorrow, Bridge 57 is one of those that motorists feel obliged to use their car horns as they approach.

Locks 0, miles 5

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