Thursday, January 24, 2008

I fitted the new Centaflex coupling his morning before we set off to Newbold on Avon. It took a little longer than expected as I had to shorten the gearbox mounting bolts, but we were still ready to go by 13:00.

Old Coupling……
And the new Centaflex

Disappointingly, the new coupling made no discernible difference to the prop shaft noise. Ah well, I’ll have to look for something else. At least the batteries are charging OK now.

I had a chat with a couple of guys doing a channel survey this morning. They are taking depth measurements across the canal every 10 metres or so, all the way from Hawkesbury Junction down to Oxford. The distance of 77 miles will take them maybe 8 weeks!

2 Men in a Boat
Shortly after this photo Meg decided it was time to get off – unfortunately forgetting that we were still in the middle of the canal! She climbed out of the water onto the bank, shook herself and gave me a dirty look as if it was my fault! Then she had to trot along the towpath for a couple of hundred yards till I could get the boat close enough to pick her up.
We’d been threatening her with a bath anyway…….

Through the fancily lit Newbold Tunnel, and we met Carol moored at the other end.

Newbold Tunnel Lights
Couldn’t get close enough to the bank near Carol, so we went through the next bridge and moored.
Although pretty windy, it’s been fine and dry, with a fair bit of sunshine.

Locks 0, Miles 3

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Derek and Dot said...

Hi Geoff and Mags
Looks like we will pass each other on Monday when we leave Braunston for Rugby.
We will keep a look out for you.
Derek and Dot