Friday, January 18, 2008

There’s 152 lucky people after yesterday’s Boeing 777 crash landing at Heathrow. It could have been so much worse. It’s all very well some specialist on the TV last night saying that it’s statistically a lot safer flying than driving, but most road accidents don’t end in fatalities. Unfortunately most air accidents do.
It’ll be interesting to hear what was the cause; the aircraft type has a very good safety record.

Today started wet, but by the time Martyn had arrived to do the engine, the rain had cleared. The oil and filter change didn’t take long, and we were ready to move off by 13:15.
The next time I might be doing this myself, as the warranty expires in the summer.

We didn’t want to stop here another night. It seems to be a popular spot for feeding the ducks and swans, and several people, turning up with their bags of bread, gave us sour looks as if we shouldn’t have been there.

So we set off, just a short cruise of ¾ of an hour, just past Barn Lane Bridge (no. 19) where we’ll stay tonight. Then tomorrow into Hinckley, get some bread and milk, and the plan is to stop near Burton Hastings till Monday.

Locks 0, Miles 1½

I’ve just read on Sue’s blog that Mike and Liz of NB Snecklifter are retiring onto the bank and selling the boat. They'll be missed, I'm sure. They’d extended their plan by another year last year and we met them on the Maccie in April.

And APCO (the Association of Pleasure Craft Operators) has balloted it’s members concerning licence fees for continuous cruisers like us. I’ll not add my views, suffice it to say that I agree wholeheartedly with Sue. Read her comments here. (Tuesday 15th Jan posting)

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