Friday, January 25, 2008

A fairly uneventful day today. We got away from Newbold in Avon around 11:00, and just over a mile took us to Bridge 59 in Rugby. Moored here for a trip to Tesco, then off again, arriving at the bottom of Hillmorton Locks around 13:00.

The History of Rugby Football under Bridge 59
These 3 locks are paired to ease congestion like some on the Cheshire locks on the Trent and Mersey. A very kind gentleman, working his boat through a lock ahead of us, set the adjacent lock for us as he went. So we arrived at each lock with it empty and the gates open.

Hillmorton Top Locks

There are moorings at the top, and we’ve stayed here before a couple of times, but we’d planned to get a bit further away from the Rugby conurbation.

An unusual method of propulsion on the ex GUCC butty LICHFIELD.

We moved a couple of miles further on to near bridge 75, where we’ll stay the weekend.

Moored near Bridge 75

We’ve had another dry bright day, but the wind has been a nuisance.

Locks 3, miles 5½

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