Saturday, January 19, 2008

It was very mild last night, continuing into this morning. It was drizzly and damp first thing, though.

We got away at 11:20, and the first stop was at Nutts Lane Bridge. I nipped up to the Londis shop on Coventry Road for some basics and then we were off again.
Just past here is a short branch which led to Hinckley Port, the major transhipment basin for the town. Here coal and raw cotton for the hosiery industry were unloaded, and finished goods shipped out. It was also an important facility for Leicester, 11 miles away. Until the Leicester line of the Grand Union Canal was finished, Pickfords (then major canal carriers based in London) used to unload cargo at Hinckley and complete the rest of the journey to the city by road.
The arm is now leased to Hinckley Boat Club

Hinckley Wharf Arm

Next stop was at Limekilns for water, then we pressed on, leaving Hinckley behind.

Filling up at Limekilns

Meg’s Spotted a Bird in the Bushes

The odd short sharp shower accompanied us to Burton Hastings, where we pulled over. The towpath isn’t too bad here, though it gets worse further on, and it’s nice and quiet. We’ll stay here for the day tomorrow.

Seen four or five boats on the move today, probably just weekenders taking advantage of reasonable weather.

I see the initial report from the AAIB on the Boeing 777 crash earlier in the week blames an engine or system failure, the engines not giving extra thrust when required.

Locks 0, miles 4

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