Monday, October 11, 2021

A few days in the marina

 So, as planned, we moved down to Tattenhall Marina last Wednesday.

Busy bringing on the sheaves...

After a steady lock-free 2½ mile trip we turned into the marina under the towpath bridge.

Moored on the visitor moorings.

The schedule for the next few days was -

Pick up a car from Enterprise Chester on Thursday

Head up to Ingleton for doctor visits for both myself and Mags on Friday.

Up to Windermere for Mags' Great-Granddaughter's wedding on Saturday

Day off on Sunday

Into Chester for Mag's Covid Booster on Monday.

Return the car on Tuesday and leave the marina on Wednesday.

The Friday appointments got cancelled due to lack of Flu vaccine so we toddled off into Wales instead to spend the afternoon with Val and John. But everything else has gone to plan.

Congratulations Emma and Mark.

Friday morning saw the arrival of three floating homes, a little basic in design but practical I suppose.

That's about all the excitement we've had. The day boats alongside have gone out and come back again a couple of times, there was a few boats moving about in the marina at the weekend, but that's about it.

On these fine evenings there's been some beautiful views out across the plain.

Looking east towards Delamere Forest...

...And southwest, with Beeston Crag and Peckforton Castle on the left and right.

We leave here on Wednesday, heading back uphill towards Barbridge then Hurleston and on up onto the Llangollen. 

The cancelled doctor's appointments are now next week, but we'll book into Swanley Bridge Marina and go from there. There's a stoppage on Baddiley Locks starting on the 8th November, so we need to be west of there by then.

Locks 0, miles 2½   

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