Monday, December 23, 2019

Last trip before Christmas. Probably.

After a day off near Maestermyn yesterday we were on the move this morning at a quarter to ten. It was a dull grey start not at all like Saturday’s beautiful sunshine, and the wind had picked up too. But at least it wasn’t raining…

Negotiating the awkward turn under Maestermyn Bridge.

Just past the bridge and the Narrow Boat pub is Whittington Wharf, with most of the hire fleet tied up for the winter followed by a long line of permanent moorings.

Dredging and bank repair operations suspended for the holidays near Paddocks No1.

Lunchtime for Pattertwig

We arrived at New Marton Locks after an hour or so, with both locks full with top paddles left open. Grrr. Still, they could have left the top gate open too…

New Marton Bottom Lock…

…and the pretty Top Lock

Between the locks is tied one of CRT’s dredgers, looking a bit too fat to fit through.

For stability in operation it has removable pods on it’s flanks.

We filled with water above the locks then pushed on across a blustery St. Martin’s Moor, pulling in on the offside at Lion Quays at 1 o’clock.

A bit cooler than Saturday with only glimpses of the sun and a brisk breeze, but pleasant nonetheless.

We were hoping to hear the results of Mags' last Friday's blood test, but they've not yet been reviewed by the GP. So I'll ring again tomorrow. No news is good news, perhaps?

Locks 2, miles 4¾ 

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Lesley K said...

Thank you for your Christmas Card. Happy Christmas to the three of you from Joe and I.