Friday, December 06, 2019

Bloodletting, tight bends and long views and waiting for the coalman.

We moved back to Ellesmere on Tuesday, managing to get on the last mooring at the end of the arm, just handy to be picked up to go up to the surgery to for Mags to give a blood sample.

Val and John drove over to do the honours to save us having to organise a taxi, then stayed for a brew and a biscuit afterwards.

The visit went well, the nurse who attended to Mags managed to get a respectable sample on the third attempt, some sort of record we think! Anyway we’re waiting till Monday before calling for the results. All being well the extended course of antibiotics will have resolved the problem.

So Wednesday afternoon saw us heading back out again, after a cold night cutting through a thin layer of ice on the water.
The main line doesn’t freeze as a rule, due to the flow coming down from Horseshoe Falls, but the dead-end arms like this one and that at Trevor, and the off-line marinas, can and often do.

We didn’t move very far, mooring for the night near the winding hole to the west of town.
Meg prefers a grassy towpath.

The weather has turned again now. The fine sunny days and frosty nights have given way to warmer damper and windier conditions as the high pressure is replaced by lows coming in from the Atlantic. We stayed put yesterday and today pulled pins and headed to Frankton Junction, a convenient place for a road delivery of fuel.

We had to put up with light rain for the first 20 minutes, but then the sky cleared and we had some fine sunshine for a while.

Starting to make an appearance at Stanks Bridge…

…and sunny on the other side!

Fine views as we wind around Val Hill

These lodges weren’t here last time…

Great views over the Shropshire Plain on one side and over the canal on the other.

We didn’t see a moving boat, a couple of moored ones, Yarwood moored at Frankton was one. But they were getting ready to move off as we arrived so we dropped into their vacated slot.

We’ll be here for the weekend now. Richard and Ruth should be delivering at some point.

Locks 0, miles 4

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