Saturday, December 21, 2019

A fine Winter Solstice Cruise

We left Ellesmere this morning, hopefully we won’t need to be back until we’re wending our way back to the Main Line next April.
After a chilly night the day dawned dry and bright with just a gentle breeze, perfect for a winter cruise.

Leaving the Ellesmere Arm

We topped up the water tank and disposed of rubbish and recycling at the wharf then pushed on towards the Welsh border.

As I said, a beautiful day…

I’ll be interested to see what these earth platforms are for when we head back…

Beautiful Canal Cottage next to Coachman’s Bridge.

I’m convinced Bridge 68 sports a number purloined from another canal…


Bridge 89 on the Montgomery no longer exists…

Past Frankton Junction and under Bridge 1W (West), for the first time this winter.

A mile further on we pulled in, just short of Maestermyn House Bridge.

It’s splendid here, open and sunny.

We’ll take a day out tomorrow then head on on Monday.

Christmas is the season of giving, so they say, right? Well, I guess Mags didn’t get the memo. On Thursday and Friday we went up to the surgery in Ellesmere for her to give a blood sample, and on both occasions they came up empty. The final solution was for us to get a referral to Shrewsbury Royal Hospital’s Phlebotomy Unit, where they finally managed to get a syringe full. Whew!
We’d tried unsuccessfully to get a taxi, to get there, but finally had to rely on our good friend Val to take us there and back. Thanks once again, chuck.

Now we have to wait till Monday to hear from the surgery and decide what the next step is, if there is one.

Locks 0, miles 4½  


KevinTOO said...

Poor Mags, she must feel like a pin cushion after all that jabbing... ;(
Hope you get good results on Monday, fingers crossed :)

Carol said...

Great photos Geoff on what really was a beautiful day on Saturday. It rained down here all day!
Here's hoping that Margaret's test results come back ok and we wish you both a lovely Christmas and a peaceful 2020. Christmas hugs and kisses to you both. xx

Sue said...

Well I hope all is well Mags xx

So from Vic and I we wish you both a very Happy Christmas and New Year and hope health and happiness abounds. Have a lovely time you two, you never know we might just catch up with you both next year xx