Wednesday, March 28, 2007

We woke up to a damp, misty morning, but it didn’t stop some early risers on a Canaltime boat.

Early Risers.We were off the mooring at 10:30, a few boats had already passed, mainly going down to Fradley. Just 15 minutes saw us approaching Woodall Lock, with another boat just coming out of the chamber. To our amazement, the gates were shut in front of us, and the crew of another hire boat following the first started to fill the lock! They claimed they hadn’t seen us coming, but it wasn’t that misty!

A boat came up to the lock behind us, and, as he was singlehanded, we let him into the lock first and locked him through. It turned out he was delivering the boat to Kings Bromley Marina, after being serviced at Streethay Wharf.

By the time we finally got clear of the lock, the sun had broken through, and the section alongside Ravenshaw Wood was really pleasant.

Ravenshaw Wood
A gentle cruise up to Rugeley, through Armitage where the extended stoppage occurred, and we stopped for a quick shop at Morrisons near bridge 66.

Armitage Railway Bridge, site of the extended stoppage.
No wonder we slowed down as we entered Rugeley!
It was 14:30 by the time we got under way again, and we cruised for another hour before stopping just short of Taft bridge.

Overnight mooring
It’s turning a lot colder tonight, so I guess this warm interlude is over for a while. The forecast is for heavy showers tomorrow.

Locks 1, miles 8½.

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