Friday, March 02, 2007

A light frost overnight led to a fine bright morning. No training run this morning, so we were away about 10:30. We were amazed at the number of boats moving, we counted 8 before we set off! Most were heading towards Fradley, I expect to get moorings ready for the protest demo on Sunday. Altogether we saw 13 today, the last at 18:15!

A beautiful day, sunny with the breeze a lot lighter than yesterday. It was warm enough to dispense with the jacket at midday.

Through Alrewas and out on to the river section. The water was running quite fast, even on tickover we were still moving at about 5 mph. Meg decided to hop off and have a trot along the towpath alongside.

Alrewas river section
Meg going solo.

A really enjoyable cruise to Branston Water Park, past Barton Turns Marina, where the new restaurant complex is coming along. It’s due to open shortly.

Barton Turns Marina

Most of the locks were in our favour, with the traffic heading towards Fradley. We moored up around 14:00.

Took Meg for a walk around the water park, will explore further tomorrow.

Locks 5, miles 5½.

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