Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The snow came down as forecast, but didn’t stay around for long. With the north wind persisting, though, temperatures have been a lot lower than lately.

As planned, we left yesterday heading back down the Coventry towards Fazeley. The weather was cloudy with a couple of snow flurries thrown in, but they didn’t amount to much. The wind was cold, though. Mags stayed in the cabin, and even Meg had had enough after 5 minutes on the counter! We went down to Bonehill Bridge and winded, then, as the afternoon had brightened, cruised back up to Hopwas and stopped on the visitor moorings just north of the village. Meg and I had a couple of very enjoyable walks through Hopwas Wood and down by the River Tame.

Tamhorn Park Bridge on the edge of Hopwas Wood.

A frosty night gave us a clear, bright morning. Chatting with passing locals and Jim from NB “HARE”, meant we didn’t get away till around 11:30, but we still had time to shop at Whittington for a few essentials, before pressing on and getting back to Fradley around 16:00.

Locks none, miles 20 (2 days)

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