Sunday, August 11, 2013

Working through a job list.

We moved out of Stone yesterday, mooring up behind NB Rock’n’Roll near Burston at around noon.

Dropping down Aston Lock

Coming up to join George and Carol at BurstonSAM_6138

George broke out the barbeque and we had a great evening chatting and reminiscing over an abundance of food and a few bottles of wine, only clearing up as the sun dipped down below the horizon.
Not a good picture, this. George has disappeared somewhere, Carol is looking the other way and Mags looks half asleep!

George and Carol left us here this morning, moving off the 6 miles down to Great Haywood.

Bye Carol. SAM_6142 Another one where she’s looking the other way, and no sign of George as he’s walking down to set up Sandon Lock.

Today I set to knocking off items on my to-do list. I worked my way around the boat, making a note of what still needs painting and what colour. That way, while I’ve got a wet brush I should be able to do everything in that colour.

So today I got a coat of black on the right gunwale, another on the counter above the tank, a final coat of grey on the foredeck and the door frames and edges I can get at this way around.

Tomorrow we’ll be moving, but only down to the winding hole above Sandon Lock so we can turn around to get at the other side.

Getting there now…

Thanks everyone for the encouraging comments. It's been hard graft, but worth it. And I can see light at the end of the tunnel. Back to training for the Great North Run now....

Locks 2, miles 3

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