Thursday, August 15, 2013

Wet and warm to Weston

It was gone 11 by the time we got away today, I had a few things to do before we could start out.
Just a couple of hundred yards took us to Sandon Lock, which was a lot quieter than earlier. The boats must have left at the same time, a continuous convoy in both directions for an hour or so.

Waiting for the lock at SandonSAM_6146
It’s a shame we have to hang a dirty great rope fender off the front end. It looks a lot better without! I left it off so I could flat the cants (again) later today.

The day started muggy but bright, but by the time we got moving the rain had arrived and we had on and off showers most of the day, some heavier than others.

One of the heavy showers….

….followed by a bright sunny spell where everything looked sparkling clean.SAM_6149

Looking back as we approached Weston I spotted this structure on the hillside.SAM_6152
The location is Sandon Park, and the building is the Trentham Belvedere, built in the mid-19th century by Sir Charles Barry at Trentham Hall. When Trentham was demolished in 1911 the belvedere was moved, stone by stone, to Sandon.

Incidentally, according to the online, a belvedere (in this case) is defined as being “a building, or architectural feature of a building, designed and situated to look out upon a pleasing scene.”
It’s from the Latin - bellus = fine,  and vidëre = to see. 

Another clever, although somewhat smaller, structure in a garden in Weston village.SAM_6153

We pulled in just below Weston Lock at around 1 o’clock. There’s been a few boats about this afternoon but it’s gone quiet now. The bustle of Great Haywood awaits tomorrow.

Hi KevinToo, I think an “open day” would be a bit over the top, eh? But we’re always pleased to have visitors…

I think (with Carol’s permission) I might use one of her post pictures as my header. What do you reckon, Carol?

Hi, Del and Al. Better make a firm booking; my diary is filling up fast…Winking smile. Anyway, the way you look after your paintwork it’ll still look as good as new in 5 years!

Locks 2, miles 3


Carol Palin said...

Hi both, yes of course you can use one of my piccies - can I ask which one? Perhaps will see you both Friday - I’m off to Wolverhampton on Saturday/Sunday.

Boatwif said...

Hi Geoff,
It was great to see you and Mags today, albeit briefly! We were hoping we'd meet you somewhere in the area. Seyella looks stunning - congratulations! Enjoy your cruising...
Sue and Ken