Thursday, August 22, 2013

Moored in Fradley…

Now there’s a whole blog post in one short sentence. At this time of year the moorings at Fradley Junction are usually stuffed, but we timed it just right today.

First, though, Meg and I had a walk back up the canal to see Kym and Tracy, and came away with a shiny new stainless steel chimney.SAM_6193


Even with my spot of shopping we were on the move before 10 o’clock, about 30 minutes to Woodend Lock.SAM_6189
A preceding boat was just going in the lock, and with a couple waiting to come up it wasn’t long before we were down and through, heading past Fradley Wood to Shadehouse Lock.

Mags waiting above Shadehouse Lock while a boat comes up.SAM_6191

The next one down, Middle Lock, had a queue of four boats waiting to come up, and only us going down. Then Junction Lock was completely deserted, not a boat in sight.

We popped out onto the pound with moorings on one side and the service wharf on the other, and got another surprise. The wharf was empty, and there was loads of space on the moorings.

We quickly availed ourselves of both, and are now moored opposite the cafe.


We’ve had a couple of favourable comments today about the paintwork as we headed downhill. Mags was being really careful as she manoeuvred for the locks, avoiding other boats and the architecture. She did well, we’ve not got a scratch yet, not even on the below gunwale bit! I’m going to try to get the fore-end cants prepped and painted again this weekend, if the weather is favourable. Then the bow fender can go back on, and I can carry on with the flare decoration.

Thank you all for your comments on the blog.
Steve, you’ll be pleased to know you’re now on my blog roll. Rob Wagg out of Stoke was the sign writer, by the way.
Graham, thanks for the tip regarding vaseline… I’d never have thought of using it for that!
Hi Jaq, thanks for the kind words. Our best wishes to you and Les. Chin up!

Locks 4, miles 2½


Sheila Napier, Sanity Again said...

We have a chimney like yours and it is great. But watch the coolie hat, we ended up taking ours off. In certain conditions we got condensation inside the hat dripping off the rim and landing on the roof. Horrible black liquid. You don't want that on your lovely new paintwork!

Anonymous said...

Hi - I think I left Fradley just before your arived. I am at Willington (Marks arrived after todays match) Shardlow tomorrow and maybe Barron on Monday. Catch up with you again when you arrive in the "Shire"